Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back from ArtFiberFest

I have returned from Portland but have not quite recovered from the wonderful time I had at ArtFiberFest. This necklace from Tammy sums the experience up perfectly - all we did was laugh and eat and laugh and make crafty things and laugh for four days straight! Now it's back to the old grind and I'm having trouble adjusting to the doldrums of everyday life. I'm still in the process of emptying my suitcases and need to put the finishing touches on my projects. I've got photos to share and will post them later this week. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Off To Portland

This will be my last post until I return from ArtFiberfest in Portland. I've been running around like crazy making sure I have everything I need to bring for the workshops. I'm taking classes from Charlotte Lyons, Ruth Rae and Roxanne Padgett. Charlotte will be also teaching a mini workshop along with Pam Garrison, and Reenie Hanlin. I'll be sure to take a lot of pictures to share with you when I get back.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Catching Up

I've been getting things ready to go to ArtFiberfest next week. This is my first art retreat and I'm really looking forward to it. I admire Teesha Moore's work so much (especially her journal pages, which are amazing) and have heard so many fabulous things about her various retreats. I'm still trying to figure out how to get all the supplies (including my sewing machine) into one suitcase and keep it under 50 lb. limit. 

Spent the day yesterday finishing up on a few projects so I can mail them out before I leave for Portland. I made the notecards pictured above for a swap I am in. I used Lisa Kettell's lovely image of Marie on these, along with vintage wrapping paper and dotted Swiss fabric. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

She Shoots...She Scores!

I can't believe I was able to get these pics!  So excited to actually see the tiny blue robin eggs in mama's nest!  We've never had a bird nest located in a place low enough to actually get a photo of the inside of it. This one is still situated just out of eye-view (even if you stand on tippy-toes) but not out of the eye of the camera held at arms length above my head. I took a chance that I was aiming in the right direction and after a few failed attempts, I finally got it right!
I always wait until mama leaves the nest to take a break (or look for food) before I take any pictures because I hate to disturb her motherly duties of egg hatching. 

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Peonies

Yesterday while working in the garden planting flowers, I discovered that my peonies were in full bloom. They are a yummy peach color semi-double hybrid called Coral Charm. We planted them close to 28 years ago and they are still growing strong all these years later. Our neighbors planted peonies from the same nursery in their yard when they built their home in the 50's! 
As they continue to open, the flowers turn a creamy ivory color.  
I planted this purple Clematis along the side of our garage not knowing for sure if that was the best place for it in regards to how much sun it would need. I always think it is such a miracle that these delicate flowers grow and bloom every year from one single skinny vine branch. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Journaling Bliss

Everyone seems to be journaling these days, (like here and here and here) so thought I would share a few of my own journal pages. I could do this all day long if I had the chance. It's like doodling for me....it's contagious and sometimes I find it hard to stop. I doodle when I talk on the phone. I always have. I can't help myself. I wish I had saved some of my "doodles" from all those years. It would be interesting to see how they have progressed. But I still seem to gravitate towards the same doodle themes of flowers, leaves, birds, borders and girly faces. Some things never change.
P.S. Guess who is back? My mama bird (or her twin - it's hard to tell one robin from another) is back sitting on her nest again!  I read that it's common for robins to have 2-3 broods a year, but I also read that they don't return to the same nest. I wonder if it is really MY robin or if a new renter has taken over her old nest. Any-hoo, I'll keep you posted if we have more baby birdies. Maybe this time I can get a photo of her blue eggs. (Oh how I would love that!) Keep your fingers crossed.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Etsy Update - Part 2

I'm continuing to update my Etsy Shop this week. I've added some collages and tags from my "Summer At The Beach" series, inspired by a weekend trip to our cottage.  Also added is a series of tags I created called "The Caged Bird Sings." I have more Destash items coming too, as soon as I can get them photographed and listed. The fishing themed rubber stamp sets from the previous post have all sold out. I'm so pleased that they will be going to good homes where they can have a new lease on life. I have LOTS more themed rubber stamp sets to put together and list in the shop. 

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Rubber Stamps for Men

In my efforts to destash my supplies, I just listed these Golf and Fishing rubber stamp sets in my Etsy Shop. They are great for cards, scrapbooking or making some fun Father's Day art. 

I've got lots more themed sets to list, so stay tuned!
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