Saturday, October 14, 2006

Morning Collage

I recently came across Keri Smith's website and was inspired by her "Morning Collage" exercise that she does daily. I thought it was a great way to train myself to do something artistic know before the busy-ness of the day sets in and you find you have run out of time and/or energy to pick up a brush, paint, paper or glue. The pages are small...mine are only 4 x 6. It usually takes only 30 minutes or sometimes an hour if things are flowing as easily. I don't put much thought into it before I start. I just let the pages evolve as I go along. Very freeing! I work on these pages as soon as I get up, in my PJ's, before I do anything else. And I have noticed that my whole outlook on the day is improved since I started doing this. You can see Keri's morning pages here. Another artist who does something just as inspiring is Marieke Berghuis and you can see her work here.


PJ said...

Hey, I read Kari's as well! Luv your pgs! I tried to do my first 30 days...I think I stopped after about 8 days..I wish I could stick!

Sharon Tomlinson said...

What a nifty thing to do and yours are great. I feel so weak in collage, I should try this but I would have to get up a little earlier. Maybe I should.

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