Friday, March 16, 2007

Framed Art

I thought I would share with you my framing project that I finally completed. Months ago I bought some egg prints at a flea market. I had seen this type of print in decorating magazines and thought they would make a nice addition to our cottage. I came across some at an art fair I attended last summer. They were priced at $100 and up for the print alone - no mat or frame! Needless to say I didn't buy them and figured that this idea was out of my league. It was a few months afterwards that I discovered these egg prints which from an old magazine at the flea market. They even had the key to which bird each egg came from, which was an added bonus. The best part was that they cost me only $6.00 and I bought the frames at Target. I decided to hang them above our bed at the cottage to sort of give the illusion of a headboard until we save enough money to buy an actual one. I like how it turned out and I especially am pleased with the frugality of them.

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