Monday, April 16, 2007

And The Award Goes To. . .

I just found out that PJ nominated my blog for a Thinking Blogger Award. I never thought of my blog as thought provoking, but nevertheless I am very honored to receive this award. Thanks PJ!

One you have been nominated for this award, it is your job to nominate five more bloggers for the award. I have to think about that. . . just kidding! Here are my five:

1. Norah's - Sharon's blog is one that always makes me think about new art techniques and inspiration. Just the name of her blog is something that makes you think. . .Norah's is Sharon spelled backwards. Sharon likes to post partial pictures of works in progress that cause her readers to use their imaginations and think about what the entire piece looks like.

2. Art Junk Girl - Lia's blog is very inspirational to me. I adore her one-inch square project. She has a goal to create 1000 of these squares in 2007. These tiny works of art are so amazing. I never thought you could express so much within one-square inch.

3. Past Present Collection - Heather's blog is full of visual eye candy. I love the gorgeous colors and photography she uses. She has a passion for vintage items, as do I which is probably what attracts me to her blog.

4. Garden of Pink Shadows - Melissa has a wonderfully fresh looking blog which is a reflection of her artwork. She creates the sweetest little collages, many of which feature a bird theme which I love. Even her crocheted grannie squares have a bright, vintage-modern look to them.

5. A Little Birdie Told Me - Tricia is such a creative artist. I enjoy checking out her blog to see her latest collage creations. She makes primitive, vintage-looking collages using old photographs. Looking at them makes me think about my ancestors.


PresentPast Collection said...

Thanks for the Blog Nod! Not sure I'm a Thinker! lol Guess I need to think of who else to nominate! PS. Love your stashaway project, adorable!

PJ said...

Awesome links..I enjoyed going through those. I'm going to follow them up, too!

Tricia Scott said...

hi there! thank you for the nomination! how nice that you thought of me.

paige said...

i am a fan of all the blogs you have chosen. so fun to see others creative inspiration!!

Vik said...

Hi Jennie, I´m visiting your blog thank to Paula and the nomination. She´s absolutely right, your blog is great! Congratulations!

purple cucumbers folk art said...

just passing threw darling,come visit

Sharon said...

Hi Jennie, Thanks for the nod. I haven't posted yet but I will. Looking for time.

Melissa said...

thank you so much!

if you read my post from today, you'll see I am requesting an extention on reciprocating!

I'm having a hard time thinking - or doing anything! - this week..! :-)

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