Monday, June 25, 2007

I was working on my Bits and Pieces Collage Swap for Heather this weekend. I put the finishing touches on it and will send it on it's way this morning. I had so much fun putting it together. Jenny tried to pair people together who like similar things so that made it even more fun. I am happy with the way it turned out. . .I almost didn't want to part with it! Sometimes I feel that way after I create my art pieces, do you? Below is another sneak peek at the finished project. Don't peek Heather, if you want to be totally surprised!! I will post the whole thing after she has received it.

Besides finishing up the collage this weekend, I finally got around to cleaning out the room we use for storage in our house. It sounds very lavish to have a whole room just to store things in, but that wasn't the original purpose of the room. Actually the room is supposed to be my dear husband's workshop, but he really can't do too much work in it since it has become over-run with boxes of stuff that we've accumulated over the years. Well, to be perfectly honest the room has become a complete dumping ground! It all happened very innocently when I just put a box or two in there "temporarily" until I was able to put them away where they belong. And you know how that goes - soon the boxes started multiplying like a litter of rabbits and eventually we could hardly walk into the room!! I hated to go into that room because I was constantly reminded of my chronic procrastination and also of what a pack-rat I am. Seeing all those boxes made me so stressed out.
Then yesterday I was inspired by Kari's latest prompt in her Everyday Notions Challenge which dealt with emptying some area in order to spawn creativity. In the book, Foolsgold, the author states:
"Giving over to silence, waiting, allowing, listening....In the emptiness we might get an inkling - as if something lights up and twinkles - of how we'll begin to form and open to who we're becoming, who we most truly are. We need to leave space both for what we'll discover and what will emerge to discover us."
I must admit that I feel so much lighter and freer after finally clearing out that room. Now I enjoy opening the door and seeing the emptiness of the room. I am hoping that the process of purging all that excess will leave room for new ideas and creativity to move in.

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Kari said...

Yay...sounds like the process of emptying is going well for you!!! Here's to new creative energy.

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