Monday, April 21, 2008

Journal Pages

While up at the cottage I was able to find some quiet time to work on my art journal for Heather's Journaling Without Fear group. I really enjoyed doing the page above for the "Little Things" assignment. Once I got going on the journaling, I felt like I could go on and on with the list. It's good to remind ourselves about those things that are important to us and we are grateful for.
We went on a long nature walk while up north and although the spring wildflowers hadn't bloomed yet (spring is so late in coming this year) there still was a lot to observe. I picked up one of the maple leaves because I was impressed by how thin and transparent it was, like one of those skeleton leaves they sell in the craft stores. As we walked on, I began to notice the other leaves and then it became a game to see how many different leaf specimens I could find. This was an image-quilt assignment and I found all these images in an old issue of "O" Magazine that I had up at the cottage. I used my 2-inch paper punch to cut the squares and looked for images that appealed to me. Surprisingly, I found that most of the images I selected were either red, aqua, or black and had quite a few circle shapes. I like the aqua and red together and now want to create something using this newly discovered combination. I think that's what art journaling is all about....discovering new ideas!


Anonymous said...

I really like the journal pages especially the quilted one. I just finished a watch pendant. I would like to start working in my journal again. I'll have to check out the group you are in. Sounds fun.

Alison Gibbs said...

You are having such fun with your lovely journal.

Jen Glover said...

Jeanne, These are AWESOME! It's so great of you also to be so brave and post something so personal! Just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!

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