Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Potting Shed, Revisited - Part Two

Here I am again with the rest of my potting shed pics. Check out the previous post for more photos if you missed them yesterday. "The Secret Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett has always been my favorite book. My 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Kissel read it to the class on Friday afternoons. I just loved sitting there at my desk imagining what everything looked like in that fictional world. I attribute my love of reading to those Friday afternoon readings. A friend who knows how much I adore that book gave me this little plaque to hang in my potting shed/garden house.
Another thing I like to collect is bird houses. These sit on a shelf above one of the windows.
And my watering cans are displayed above the other window.
My daughter and I lugged this piece home from a shopping trip one day. It was a display piece from a favorite shop that was going out of business. The shop was appropriately called, "The Potting Shed." (Coincidence or karma?)
The shelves get rearranged periodically as I acquire new items or just want a little change. This shelf above has some of my frog themed goodies, including some vintage glass flower frogs.
My daughter made the square pottery box when she was in elementary school and I decoupaged the white box that my frog prince sits on.
Garden cloches and urns are two of my favorite things to collect. Cloches are fun to cover little treasures with to make them seem more special, like a bird nest or fragile quail egg. Sometimes I make a little vignette on a vintage plate and cover the whole thing with a glass cloche like I did here. At Christmas time I do the same thing with a grouping of tiny pine trees and a dusting of salt to look like snow. More cloches, nests, urns and some terracotta pots which nature has aged to perfection. The large pots began as new clay pots which I painted with antique white acrylic paint. I learned later that I should have sprayed some sealer on the pots before painting them, so as a result the paint started chipping and peeling off half way through the summer. However I ended up liking the chippy paint better and put them in the potting shed before they "aged" any further. What potting shed would be complete without a tool caddy full of gardening tools? Of course these vintage tools have long since been retired and don't see much pruning and cultivating these days.Of course there's a candlelier hanging for a little touch of romance. It's fun to sneak back to the potting shed after dark to listen to music and sip a glass of wine. It looks so warm and inviting from the house when it is all lit up at night. It's like having a mini vacation in my own back yard.Another pillow from the collection. This one says, "Welcome Spring" on it and is handpainted by another artist from the shop. I hope you enjoyed the tour of my little piece of backyard paradise. Thanks so much for visiting.


Unknown said...

Hi, I was on Jessi's blog and I saw the canvas you gave her, then I popped over here. OMG you really are a kindred spirit. I love creating mini canvases too, originals and collage, I am a CSST member, The Secret Garden is one of my favorite books and your home look so perfectly cozy to me. Well, your blog is going on my reads for sure. Lovely, blog, etsy and flickr. Karen

Wanita said...

Your potting shed is absolutely lovely. What a great spot you have to relax.

Dede Warren said...

how luck are you to have such a sweet little place!?

PJ said... encore! Love the little frogs...I liked the Secret Garden as well as a child!

Jen Glover said...

Just gorgeous! What a beautiful spot!

Anonymous said...

Your potting shed is so sweet... Is this where you are planning on having a studio? I love it!


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