Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Campaign for Creativity

I found this on Donna Downey's blog the other day and it really hit a chord with me so I thought I would share her message with all of you. Donna says, "Inspiration and possibility are can be found in everything we do, share and see. The possibility is our part in manifesting it into tangible art. All we need to do is open our hearts and eyes and listen to our creative voice. The challenge is to learn to embrace your creative potential and let it free to guide your art . The power of our passion to create is the gift we all have to share."

Let's all join Donna in this personal Campaign for Creativity and share this message with others.


Anonymous said...

I just found that on her site too! Loved it and added her button to my blog!!!

the author said...

Love that! Thank you for sharing the message =]

Casii said...

So excited that you're doing Joli Paquet! Loved it last year, but wowsers, this year, it will surely be over the top holiday wonderfulness!

Ya know I think there are a couple of spots open on Donna Downey's Inspired weekend. Care to join a couple hundred other artsy people?

Anonymous said...

Yes...totally agree! Was excited when I saw her post this.

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