Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rainy Day

It's been crummy here the past few days. Rain, rain, go away! I really shouldn't complain, as the plants and grass have needed some rain for a long time. But it always makes everything seem so gloomy and I seem to move a little slower too. So I decided to whip up a few of these cheery goodies to brighten things up around here.
I just listed them in my shop. They are fun to use to embellish your needlework or scrapbook pages or whatever your imagination can think of. 
I also added a few more of these popular hangers to the shop too.
Watch for my Halloween update in the shop coming soon!
After reading this post, I just had to try French Press coffee for myself. I can't tell you how different (and oh, so much better) it is from regular drip brewed coffee. I am totally hooked! Hope your day is sunny and bright wherever you are!


Lori said...

i love those hangers!!! i think they are the cutest way to finish out a collage...your crochet doo dads are really sweet Jeanne!!!

dianna said...

How have you been Lady?
LOVE your buttons! I need to go check out your shop :)

Hope Ellington said...

Hi Jeanne~
I haven't visited for awhile. It is rainy here too. I loved seeing your Nest Making in Somerset Holidays & Celebrations. Hope things are well.

Margaret said...

I love your lttle button embellishments, what a lovely burst of colour! M

icandy... said...

I can smell that coffee from here! YUMMY!!!!

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