Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Today is the day we celebrate our mothers, grandmothers, aunties, and other maternal figures who have nurtured and cared for us over the years. This year I miss my mother more than ever. I miss her wisdom to know what to do in difficult situations, her comforting hugs which made my tears disappear when I was sad or hurt, her reassuring words that would make me feel safe at all times, her encouragement which made me feel I could conquer the world and most of all, her unconditional love - no matter what. I've been looking through old photo albums trying to channel these attributes of hers ~ now when I need them the most. But I know she is with me all the time, like an angel watching over me. Happy Mother's Day to you Mama!
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natalea said...

Very sweet post Jeanne. Wishing you loving memories of your mother today, and an enjoyable time with your family!
xo natalea

Hearts Turned said...

What a lovely tribute to your beautiful mother, Jeanne! How blessed we are to have wonderful mothers...your description of yours just made me think of mine...amazing women!

Hope your Mother's Day is perfect in every way!

Kateyed said...

That was lovely...and sad. You need and miss your mother forever when she is gone. I have been without mine for thirty-two years now and I still wish she were around. She has left me with a lot of memories and I sometimes see her in my a her smile...the shape of her face. They are always with us.

Cindy said...

Your Mom sounds very much like mine. How hard this day is without them, but how good that we continue to celebrate the amazing women that they were, and will always be!

yapping cat

Little Pink Studio said...

Ah Jeanne, what a beautiful tribute to your Mom.
I'm thinking of you, and sending you hugs. I wish I could give you a hug in person, but know I'm thinking of you often!
xoxo, Cerri

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Such a sweet tribute to your Mama, Jeanne. How lovely that your Mom was such an amazing woman,so glad that you have such sweet memories. xo Lidy

paperbird said...

beautiful Jeanne- i thought of my mother all weekend- i know your feeling of loss- i miss my mom too!

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