Monday, March 28, 2011

A Little Springtime!

I just couldn't wait any longer. I had to get my Easter decor out and start decorating. Spring is my favorite season of the year, with all the wonderful colors and the miracle of new plants sprouting up from the earth. It's especially appreciated here in the midwest after all the ice, snow and dreariness that we have during winter. So I set up this little Easter vignette on my dining room table to brighten things up around here. Hopefully my African violets in the basket will start to bloom again soon. Have you started decorating for Easter yet?
Happy Springtime!

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kim c said...

i've made a springy fabric wreath, but that's about it so far. spring is my fave too. texas is miserable in the summertime.

i miss jolie pauquet. i hope it returns some day. thanks for the inspo.

Connie said...

Love your Easter decor, Jeanne! Happy Spring to you, Connie

kandeland said...

very sweet! I did decorate on Sunday...just posted it too! we are all thinking the same thing...go away snow! xo nat

Suz said...

Very pretty, Jeanne. we have NO Spring decor. I have a ton of Christmas things and a little Halloween and that is it. Which should free me to make other things but so far, I haven't finished anything! I always feel so much better when I am creating. It is restful and soothing.

Thinking of you and hoping you are enjoying the thaw!


vivian said...

Hi Jeanne, what a pretty little vignette! I put my easter out about 2 weeks ago.. too much cute stuff to wait too long! Thank God Spring is here.. now if mother nature could just catch up with the calander! we still have snow on the ground and though I try to positive and upbeat.. Im sooooo done with it!
anyways... have a great day!

Little Pink Studio said...

Love your spring vignettes Jeanne!
We definitely have spring here, but now it's also rainy. I just want several days of bright sunshine. :)
xo, Cerri

Margaret said...

Love your Spring thing! I've also started but it's all a bit spotty mad here this year, spotted napkins, spotted tablecloths and spotted eggs! great fun! Mx

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