Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Where I've Been

I went on a little trip to Atlanta last week, thanks to a friend of mine.
It felt good to get away.
A change of scenery is always good medicine for the mind.
I saw beautiful things like this.
And I came home to the likes of this!!!
Quite a difference, huh?
I'll have more photos of the colorful type to share soon.
Signature w/rose


Elyse said...

good for you!

april snow brings may ... um ... flowers?

oh well, enjoy an extended hot chocolate season!


Diane Mars said...

Well that sounds delightful... I would love a little trip somewhere... oxox, Diane

Little Pink Studio said...

I'm sad you were as close at Atlanta and I didn't get to see you, but I hope you had a wonderful time.
xo, Cerri

kandeland said...

yes, it's always nice to get away! and we're still seeing lots of the white stuff here! and a CRAZY thunderstorm last night! when will it end I say!
Hope you are well my friend! xox

Suz said...

I am thinking of you a lot and admiring how you are handling yourself with such grace. It's a hard road and I am glad you got a break from the icky snow. Way too much snow this year!!!
Jud is in his mega-chemo phase.It is a little easier this time. So far. One never knows if anything will be the same. It's quite a journey.

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