Saturday, July 23, 2011

Photo Play

I woke up this morning to a lake in my backyard. (Look along the tree line in this photo.) We've had some bad thunderstorms the past two nights. It's been pretty dry here and the rain is much needed since everything has been looking pretty brown lately. But when we have a downpour like this it usually results in the creek overflowing and a "lake" forming in the back of our yard. I always get concerned that the potting shed will end up underwater, but so far the water has only come dangerously close to the foundation by the time it stops raining. Whew!

It took the photo above with my iPhone using the Instagram app that I recently downloaded. I been having fun with it and I just love the old timey look it gives the photos.
Signature w/rose


Suz said...

I love that look, too. It is almost eerie! I am worried about the water, though, and hope it doesn't get into your foundation. Just wishing you all good things right now...and wishing that you don't have stress like that!

Maija said...

It actually looks quite lovely!!

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