Monday, September 12, 2011

Day One of The Big Project

I'm hoping to start on a little (LOL!) destash project around here today. I'm planning on scheduling time to do this on a weekly basis. I long for a clutter-free home where there's a place for everything and everything is in it's place. However I'm not very good at purging. I'm a collector at heart. But I hope to move one day and if I don't start decluttering now, that hope will never turn into a reality. Wish me luck....I'm going to need it!
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Elyse said...

good luck and wish me the same as i hope to begin doing this myself (and for the boys' play room which is beginning to look like an episode of hoarders!).

hope all is well


Becky Shander said...

Yes, good luck with the decluttering. I'm not quite ready to conquer reorganizing my own creative space yet...thanks for the motivational reminder.

Margaret said...

oh my, I hate doing this kind of thing, Good luck with your clearing... Mx

Maija said...

Good luck with that! I had to do a huge purge when I moved and it is so hard!!!

Suz said...

Me, too. It seems so impossible! I am a craft hoaader for sure. The junk is all treasure to me and the rest of my house kinda stay the same. Thanks for you lovely note. I know you understand how every little change matters.

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