Sunday, January 29, 2012

Friend Indeed - Friend In Need

~ Excerpt from The Brave Girl's Club ~

Yesterday I got news from my dear friend Sue Reaney about her husband Jud. Many of you know Sue from her beautiful blog, Katsui Jewelry. Some of you may not. Sue is an incredibly strong woman who is so caring and supportive of others. She is always such a positive force in the blogging world and she left so many encouraging comments on my blog when my DH was battling cancer. Her similar journey was just beginning at that time. She needs that support and encouragement herself now, so if you have a moment please say a prayer and leave her a comment on this post here.
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Unknown said...

I popped over & left her a note, Jeanne. So many of our blog ladies are walking in this path right now. TY for letting us know.


Suz said...

Oh, Jeanne,
Bless your sweet, sweet heart. I am so forgetful these days that I just stopped in. I wanted to be sure you knew what was going on. Thank you for all of your kind support of me. I always know you understand just what I am going through.
Big hugs,

vivian said...

I know... My heart just breaks for them. it is terribly sad. And so sad also that you know just how she feels. I'm glad that Suz finds comfort here.

Terri Gordon said...

Hi Jeanne, I feel so bad for Suz and Jud, my heart is breaking. Suz is such a sweet and postive person. You are such a wonderful friend, I tried to leave a comment yesterday on her blog, but it would not let me. I sent her an email. I am praying for them. I know that you will be there for her. Wishing you a wonderful week. Hugs, Terri

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