Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Instagram Wednesday

I noticed today that the buds on the crabapple trees have bloomed. It is such a pretty sight...the pink ones...and the white ones. They are a whole month early in their show. Usually they are in full bloom on Mother's Day. (Can't beat that for a Mother's Day gift, can you?) The lilacs have bloomed also. It's funny, you look away for a minute and suddenly Mother Nature paints everything in color!
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Suz said...

Amazing, Jeanne! I love crabapple trees. Had that and a lilac at my house growing up...right under my window?

Even though you get your letter bounced back on my address, I still am getting them. One emsil accepts them and one rejects them. It is very screwy. I am about ready to give up on retrieving letters from last year. My computer is broken and I don't have addresses on my iPad right now. Things are falling apart left and right...

Big hugs,

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