Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sew Happy!

On my many adventures last week, I stumbled upon this fabulous little find. I've always wanted an antique sewing machine table, but usually they are way out of my price range. But not this one - I was lucky enough to get it for a song, sewing machine included! All it really needed was a little dusting an application of lemon oil and now it shines like a beauty!
Signature w/rose


Jane said...

That's so pretty! Reminds me of my mother's sewing machine :)

teri said...

I have fond memories of summer afternoons watching my grandma work that treadle to mend her clothes. I loved the happy hum!

Anne said...

What a beautiful find.I have one similar.But it is my husbands Grandmothers.


Margaret said...

Wow what a find! my Grandmother had one but sadly it's long gone, before any of us could appreciate the true value of it. Enjoy your treasure, it's a real beauty! Mx

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