Monday, July 08, 2013

Make it Happen

My head is always full of ideas. It seems as though I'm never at a loss for great ideas. Implementing those ideas is what I have a problem with. I don't know why. I suppose it's the procrastinator in me. I'm a great one for putting things off until tomorrow (or next week, next month, etc...) But great ideas are only good if you actually make them happen. Guess I need to work on that part.

Last week I started Mary Ann Moss's new e-course called SEWN (see previous post). 
We worked on creating patterns, which we will later turn into fabulous creations! It's rather fun - kind of like doodling. Here are a few I created using my ipad and the Procreate app:

Signature w/rose

1 comment:

Maureen Reynolds said...

Those iPad designs look like a lot of fun. I really need to look for some of the tutorials for the iPad apps because I am clueles in using them.

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