Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Baby Update

My grandson, Jase Edward, is two weeks old today. Hard to believe that so much time has gone by already! I remember how quickly time flew by after my daughter was born, and now it seems to be going by at lightening fast speed with little Jase. Moral of the story: Enjoy EVERY second!


Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

What a doll baby! I love being a grandma and every moment is so special. Soak it in and have fun!

Blessings, Edie Marie

Terri Gordon said...

Oh Jeanne, He is beautiful! I bet you are really enjoying him, you forgot how little they are. Thanks for sharing him with us. Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Terri

kandeland said...

cute pics!! xo

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