Sunday, November 03, 2013

Pantry Weekend

This weekend I finally got around to cleaning out my pantry because I was running out of room to store things. I threw out any expired food items I found, donated a bag things to the food pantry, and the rest I decided to cook up to eat! (Gee, I wonder why I didn't do this sooner?) 
This bread is a Beer Bread mix that I bought at a home party a while back. There's something about the smell of baking bread in the fall. Tomorrow I'm going to make a pot of soup to go along with the bread. 
This morning I decided to make a veggie omelet using some of the green peppers my daughter gave me from her garden. 
And I found a box of hash brown potatoes in the pantry, so I cooked them up to go along with the eggs.
In the summer I like to keep a package of pasta salad mix on hand to make a quick side dish when it's warm outside. Well, I found TWO packages in the pantry, so I prepared both of them to serve with my lunches and dinners for the next few days. In fact, this will taste great with the leftover panko-breaded tilapia and sweet potato that I'm having for dinner tonight. So what are you serving for dinner tonight?

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vivian said...

yummy! Id like some of that beer bread please! lol. lets see.. I took pork chops out yesterday adn didnt cook them, so we will be having those for dinner tonight along with some butternut squash and some other veggie.
have a great day!

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