Friday, February 21, 2014

The Find

I recently discovered The Find Market Event located in Plainfield, Illinois. This is a once a month shopping market which opened last October. It happens to be not very far from where my daughter lives, so I decided to stop by last night on the way home from babysitting my grandson.
The Find is located in a warehouse-type space full of a wide variety of vintage treasures. They sell everything you can imagine such as furniture, architectural pieces like, doors, windows, shutters, spindles, etc., industrial items, bed springs, old enamelware, wooden ladders, quilts, chalk paint, vintage lampshades, suitcases, handmade tote bags, milk glass, silver serving pieces, corrugated metal letters, wire baskets, vintage tins, etc., etc.
There is even a cafe area where you can sit and relax and enjoy a beverage or snack under a unique chandelier made out of tiny lights and an old box spring.
The Find is open every third Thursday through Sunday of each month and you can find more information (as well as directions and exact location) at

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