Thursday, April 27, 2006

Book of Dreams - Week One

I spent the day in my studio working on art pieces. Love when I am able to do that. It definitely is my favorite way to spend a day. Time usually flies by quickly that way and then suddenly I have to come back to reality and throw together something for the family to eat for dinner. Tonight it will be leftover chicken pesto. Sounds fancy and difficult....believe me it is not! I worked on my Book of Dreams entry for week one:

I really had fun creating these pages and was able to include some embellishments that had been lying around unused for quite some time. This first week's assignment from ArtsyMama was to design a pocket page. My page has three pockets which hold journaling tags. Follow Your Heart is a motto of mine and so this page is titled, I Followed My Heart. Each tag features a different area of my artistic life where I have followed, or plan to follow, my heart. These areas are Dream, Passion, and Hope. I added my journaling to the back of each tag to further describe these areas. Here is a close-up of both the front and back of the tags:


Kari said...

Wow, great work! I love the papers you used, what you wrote on the tags and of course the pocket:) It's all just wonderful!!! Glad you had fun playing.

whitney said...

I LOVE the pages! Can't wait to start my own, this weekend for sure. Great inspiration for me, thanks!

Anonymous said...

I am amazed, your pocket pages are beautiful. I'm not amazed that they are so beautiful, I'm amazed that you just jumped right in and set up this blog. I want to so bad but still have cold feet and find all sorts of excuses to wait. But I'm gonna. Isn't this project fabulous.

Jeanne said...


I have been thinking about setting up this blog for a long time. I am the world's worst procrastinator, so if I can do it, you can too!

Lilli in Vancouver said...

This is all so lovely :) It must have been a glorious art day for you. I hear you about using up a variety of art supplies that have been waiting unused. This is the perfect project for them.

Hmm, I guess I'd better get going with the book soon. So far I've just removed and glued pages.

See at Artsymama's :)

Anonymous said...

very cool and inspiring! TGIF - i'll be immersed in this project this weekend!

julie said...

Came to visit your blog after you wrote on mine...really nice blog and this is LOVELY!!!!!!!!!!!!Putting you on my list!
My husband has blue crocs!!

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