Friday, September 22, 2006

Love of Music

I completed another entry in my HeART Journal today. This entry began with the cello design on a gift enclosure card I picked up yesterday while on a lunch/shopping day with a friend. The rich colors just called out to me and I knew almost immediately what I was going to do with it. I had to laugh as it was the only item I bought in the store and the clerk had to hand-write a receipt on paper larger than the card itself. I was thinking the receipt probably cost more than the card! Anyway, I wanted to journal about my love of music. I like almost all types of music. Sometimes I like a song because of lyrics; other times it is the score that I am drawn to. Music is so inspirational, especially when I am working on my artwork. I love a song with a lot of bass and also a heavy beat. My DH does not like either of them. But we tolerate each other's taste in music - for the most part. Except for when we go on a long road trip in the car. I usually bring along my iPod with me then. The only trouble with that is I have a tendency to sing-a-long to the music and although I sound quite talented in my own head, reality is another thing altogether!


Sharon Tomlinson said...

Hi Jeanne, I love both new HeART Journal pages. I really love the sepia tone in this one. Isn't it sweet when inspiration flashes like the card did for you. I'm getting focused for a weekend of ART but not sure which direction I will go.
More later,

PJ said...

Sounds good and certainly looks good! Perhaps any music suggestions? I'm always interested in what other people are listening too!

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