Thursday, September 14, 2006


Just thought I would share a little something I made my friend for her birthday. She is all into browns and creams and this little box I made had her name written all over it. This afternoon I am going to a "smoothie party" that some of the ladies I used to work with are putting together for my birthday. Sounds like a fun time to me. One of these ladies has a birthday next week also, so that is why I made this little box for her. Another one of the gals just had back surgery and is at a rehab facility recuperating, so we decided to hold the party right in her room to help cheer up her otherwise tedious recovery. We will have to try to keep our exuberance down so we don't disturb the other patients. But we do have a reputation of being live-wires when we all get together so hopefully we won't get kicked out of the place!

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PJ said...

That is so sound like a great friend! My regards for your friends recovery!

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