Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Show and Tell

Thought I would share this collage I did in a shadow box frame for my soon to be 95 year old aunt. That is her in the photograph along with my uncle who passed away several years ago. She misses him a lot and I thought this would be a nice remembrance for her to look at. They were married in 1938 and the white card in the lower left side is their wedding invitation (back when the bride sent engraved invitations to their wedding).

Here is another shadow box frame that I did for a baby shower gift. Simple and sweet. I love making things like this to give as gifts, but sometimes I hate parting with them. After creating them they become almost like offspring. But just like children, eventually you must set them free.


PJ said...

'welcome back' Happy New year...your starting with a lot of new things! Thanks for the links..juicy stuff! missed 'ya

Funky Finds said...

great work!

Sharon Tomlinson said...

Love both of these. The shadow box is beautiful and I like the big words. Colors are luscious as always.

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