Monday, January 22, 2007

Weekend Work Zone

We went up to the cottage for a long weekend and spent our first nights there. How exciting! What wasn't so exciting was sleeping on the floor on air mattresses. I have come to the conclusion that we are way too old for that kind of discomfort! After spending one night on the floor, we made a beeline to the mattress store and ordered one to be delivered this Friday. I can't wait! We had hoped to wait a bit on any big purchases until we replenished our savings account a bit after building the cottage, but we both gave in and agreed that a bed is sort of a necessity.
We spent most of of time at the cottage working. I made a simple crisp white curtain to hang in the bathoom window for a little privacy. My DH cleaned out the crawl space as he wasn't too impressed with the builder's quality of cleaning. I also put down shelf liner in all the kitchen cupboards. For a tiny kitchen it certainly needed an awful lot of shelf liner! I ran out once and had to go buy more and that still wasn't enough! We hung a bamboo blind in the kitchen window. I like how the wood adds a little warmth to the room. Then we started to fill nail holes, sand and repaint all the wood trim in the house. The carpenter installed the wood trim, but we elected to do all the painting in the house to cut down on costs. What seemed like a good idea back when we began this process, has turned into somewhat of a boring chore now. But if I think of all the $$$$ we saved, it makes the whole thing a lot less painful.

Due to our trip to the cottage, I am now two days behind on the Cabinet of Natural Curiosities challenge I signed up for. Yikes! Sorry Kari and Bonnie....I have lots of catching up to do now! But check out their websites to see what truly amazing work they have done for the first two prompts.


Lisa Marie said...

How exciting it would be to have a brand new kitchen to cook in...and a brand new bathroom that is so clean because it's hardly been used! Maybe in my next life... :}

PJ said...

LOVELY! I like the bamboo...yes, it's small, but the u shaped and where things are placed makes it VERY NICE!

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