Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Weekend Clutter Control

And I wonder why I wasn't in the mood to be creative? Well I actually did know why, but just couldn't get motivated to find a place for the huge pile of stuff that had accumulated on my desk. Being a collector of ephemera and having a tiny work space just don't mix well. HOWEVER, after a very busy weekend of cleaning, the desk is now spic and span again:
I drank lots of coffee during the process....in m favorite Anne Taintor designed coffee mug. Experts say it's good to keep your goals posted in front of you: I just watched Oprah this morning and I am thinking that maybe I need to make a run to Barnes and Noble to buy Peter Walsh's new book.


Lisa Marie said...

I *so* need to declutter. It's a constant battle, but my office/studio space is in dire need. Maybe tomorrow. And am I the only one who finds it ironic that people make money from getting people to *buy books* about living with *less stuff*? LOL I had that same thought when I was at the Thoreau/Walden Pond gift shop a few years ago and bought a bumper sticker and t-shirt, both of which said "Simplify." Something SO wrong there... ;)

Lilli in Vancouver said...

You're inspiring me! I saw Oprah today and Peter did have some great things to say, didn't he.

Anonymous said...

wow! you did a great job...my desk looks exactly like your before picture, and is impossible to create on. I'm going to keep yours in mind as i work on it!

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