Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Flea Market Finds

Well, I finally got all my flea market finds from the weekend unwrapped and washed so I thought I would share my good fortune with you. I couldn't believe how many things I was able to find in my favorite color combination - pink and aqua. The vintage glass ornaments (still in the original box) were a steal in the various shades of aqua and silver tones. I think I should have bought the box of pink ones too - why didn't I? Dumb! The aqua drinking glass is just like a set of red ones that I have, but I have never seen one in aqua, so of course it called out to me "pick me, pick me." The little pink Pyrex-type bowl and pink crochet pot-holders were irresistable. And the aqua cups will be perfect to use at the cottage. I have a small collection of milk glass that was my grandmothers, so the little candy dish will be an nice addition to that. The porcelein roses were broken off of something, but that didn't matter because I like them better this way. I already have a plan for the broken pearl necklaces, rhinestone earrings and the sweet little perfume bottle with the pink cap. And I can never pass up a few vintage postcards, especially the one with 1910 on the front, which happens to be the year my grandparents were married.

I couldn't believe my luck when I stumbled upon this basket full of vintage victorian clip-on bird ornaments. We all seem to be in love with little birdies lately.

Here is a close up of one of the little bird ornaments. Some of them have little tiny pearls for nostrils on their beak. . . cute! And this vintage bird book with that amazing image on the cover is to die for!

Okay, who could resist this darling aqua sewing basket with the floral decal on the lid? Certainly not me!

And then there was this set of paper bird coasters. . .I just couldn't believe my luck! Somedays I go to the flea market and find nothing and go home rather bummed-out. But this time I really hit the jackpot! Yipee!


Anonymous said...

Jeanne, thank you so much for visiting at my blog!
Yours is beautiful... will add it on my daily readings.

I am sooo jealous from you findings; those birds are *too much for my eyes* ;) !

Who could not love the beauty of the birds? They are on of the prettiest things the nature gave for us...


Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely finds. I am having a bird/turquoise moment myself lately.

Anonymous said...


now I'm dying to go to our local flea market but.. I bet I wouldn't find anything as great as your stuff!

Anonymous said...

OOOOO - you lucky girl! Really lovely treasures - I am loving the palette too!

Kari said...

Wow, what wonderful goodies you found. LOVIN' the colors!!!!

paige said...

great finds!
the little birdies are the best!
ps--thanks again for the tutorial!!

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