Thursday, May 03, 2007


I have been trying to change the header image in my blog and I never used to have any trouble doing this. But ever since switching over to the 'New Blogger' it won't let me do it the same way it worked with the old version. All I can get is a teeny-tiny image at the top of the page and that just won't do! Can anyone out there tell me how to do this? I am obsessed with this and refuse to let the computer (or Blogger) get the best of me. Please help!!!!!

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Funky Finds said...

Did you email me about this? If so, I've tried responding several times, but it's kicked back undeliverable. Here's what I wrote in my email:

Thanks so much! I usually change my banner once every week or two. I upload my image to Photobucket. Then I copy & paste the HTML tag into my template. Scroll down in the template past footer & paste the HTML tag. I hope this helps!!!

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