Saturday, August 25, 2007

ArtErratica Swap

I just received these beauties in the mail this past week. (click on photo to enlarge.) They are the fabric green inchies from the ArtErratica swap I took part in. I can't believe how talented and creative these gal are even on eensy-weensy pieces of cloth. I mounted them on a 6x6 inch painted canvas and framed it with a simple lattice wood frame.

We had a boat-load of rain here on Thursday night and fortunately we didn't have much damage or flooding ourselves, but many of our friends did. Some are still without any power. It's sad to drive around town to see all the wet rolled up carpeting, furniture and other belongings sitting out at the curb for the garbage trucks to pick up. We were even propping up wicker furniture, etc. out in our potting shed Thursday as we watched the water's edge in the neighbor's flooded backyard creeping closer and closer. Fortunately the rain let up just inches from flooding the shed.

I'm spending this weekend in my studio working on artsy commitments. I promised myself I wouldn't leave the house until I finish these up. I have to crack my own whip around here!


Becky Bunn said...

Very nice. The blue background really set them off nicely

Donna Layton said...

Hi Jeanne,
I love your inchie!! So pretty and layer-y! Now, since I am the Queen dunce of all things swap-y, I'll tell you that my inchie (all mine were different) is the one in your grouping with the old, green metal button. Further, that button was from my grandmother's buttons which I really tend to hoard! I was way too stupid to mark my inchies individually, so most people will have a little unidentified piece of art! I hate that.

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