Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tussie Mussie Unveiling

I can finally post the full sized pictures of the Tussie Mussie I made for Dolly as she received it in the mail today. I get so worried when I send these kind of things out because the postal service leaves a lot to be desired lately. ...especially in my neighborhood. Our mailman likes to mix things up a little as we are always receiving other people's mail in our box. One time I received nine different neighbors mail - now that's just crazy! And I can only imagine how many pieces of our own mail get delivered to someone else. These days I am practically on a first name basis with the subscription departments at Country Living Magazine and Somerset Studios. They are probably getting suspicous with the number of times I have had to call regarding missed issues. Well, enough of that . . .here are some close-up pics of the tussie mussie.

This tag attached to the pink ribbon handle of the tussie mussie. I decorated both sides of the tag (I usually do that) so when it flips around it will look good either way.
Below are some of the goodies I tucked in the tussie mussie. Dolly told me she likes tea sets, roses, vintage jewelry and pearls. I had so much fun scouting the local antique shops for items for the swap. I was so excited when I found the vintage rhinestone earrings because they reminded me of angel wings. They are clip-ons, my favorite type for to use for embellishments. I collages the little angel card to attach them to. The pearl necklace was another great find and they were even in a vintage jewelry gift box.
Don't forget to check out Kari's blog on Wednesday for her Artful Blogger virtual party she is having. That girl comes up with the most creative and fun ideas.


Alison Gibbs said...

What a lovely lot of goodies for Dolly. Your Tussie Mussie is delightful.
I think Postal Services worldwide are a bit of a worry. You never know what condition things will be in if they get to their correct destination.

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

I absolutely LOVE my tussie mussie....
It is so prefect for me!

You did an outstanding job creating and filling it!
I hope I don't dissapoint you when you see yours!

Thanks again,
Hugz, Dolly

m i c h e l l e said...

Okay I'm about to implode with delight! These are just exquisite. Fabulous work and thanks for sharing!

PJ said...

Omy gosh! What a show! I'm going to have to come back and sit down and really absorb all this beautiful stuff!!!! (Artful Party) Your tags are wonderful and thanks the the alcohol tips...I've never worked with them.

Donna Layton said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! What a treasured package to receive. The tag is so very pretty. Inspiring work....thank you.

Jeanne said...

Michelle, you MUST get a blog so I can come and leave a comment on it!!

Anonymous said...

I love LOVE that tussie mussie with the tag! So beautiful! btw I am almost postive that is Michelle Geller...she has a blog called holddear.typepad.com. I know because she spaces her name that way. She is a super nice person!

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