Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Don't you love this photograph? I am sorting though old issues of magazines deciding which ones to keep and which ones to recycle. I found this lovely photo in Real Simple Magazine as a part of an article about "New Uses for Old Frames." I was drawn to the dreamy colors and that vintage box of Elizabeth Arden powder. I think I'll hang it on my inspriation board so I can gaze at it whenever I want.

I've been busy in the studio working on swaps and also some new items to put into my Etsy Shop. I'll be doing a shop update either later today or early tomorrow, so stay tuned.

We made a quick trip up to the cottage this past weekend to check things out and to plow out the driveway. We didn't stay as long as planned since the weather forecast was predicting an icy rain storm. It is good we came back when we did because the next morning the streets were encased in an icy-coating. . .pretty, but not much fun to drive or walk on. And up at the cottage there was a 9-inch snowfall (so much for all the snow-plowing we did the day before!) The trip wasn't a total waste though, because we stopped at a flea market and two thrift stores where I managed to pick up a few goodies. I will share my finds with you in a day or two, once I get them photographed.

I have an appointment to have my hair cut and highlighted today. I would like to have a "new do" of some sort, but I feel I should try to drop a few pounds first. (Does anyone have access to a magic wand???) I'd love to have one of those Oprah makeovers where the women come out looking all young and hip afterwards. Ahhh.....nice dream, but that will never happen, so I guess I will just stay here in reality and get the same old haircut. Besides my appointment is in less than 90 minutes from now, so chances of me finding "the perfect haircut" in that amount of time is close to nil !!!

Hope you all are having a terrific Tuesday!


Sharon Tomlinson said...

good luck with a new do. Wish I had one too.

Alison Gibbs said...

It would be fun to have an Oprah makeover.
Love the snow pics.

Lee Weber said...

I wanna see your hair!

Dede Warren said...

Never, say never sistah! I too need a magic wand and will take it after you please. Oh, and please don't even mention this winter coat I have packed on. So sad!!! But my hair has recently been coiffed so that is taken care of.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeanne!!! Thanks sooo much for my little surprise valentine in the mail!! I'm posting a picture today on my blog!! Arrrrgggg....I meed a total makeover with my hair. Iv'e been growing it out but it has no style. All I do is wear it in a ponytail....

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