Friday, February 08, 2008

Trying to Thaw Out

Brrrr. . . I am sitting here in the house trying to thaw out from the cold and snowy weather we have been experiencing here in the midwest. We have had close to 12-inches of snow dumped on us this week. Beautiful as it looks from the inside looking out, shoveling and driving in it is quite a different story. This was the heavy, wet kind of snow. My windshield wiper had to be replaced because it was so heavy! The snow plows weren't able to keep up with the snow as well as they have in other storms, so as a result the roads were spotted with huge chunks of icy snow. That, along with all the potholes which have suddenly appeared, makes driving on the roads similar to riding in a covered wagon on a bumpy dirt road!

Since the snowfall kept me indoors, I was finally able to complete one of the Winter-Bella projects, pictured above. This is a store bought jar candle (of which I have many) collaged and embellished with vintage images, rub-ons, rhinestones and ribbons.

I also was able to make this red Valentine Mobile ("Love is in the Air") which I added to my etsy shop.
Then a wonderful present arrived from Heather, which instantly brightened my day. This was what she sent me for the Valentine Supply Swap ~ looks like I'll be keeping very busy playing with all the goodies.

Last night we went to a local production of Neil Simon's "The Good-bye Girl." I remember seeing the movie years ago starring Richard Dreyfus and Anne Bancroft. I vaguely remembered the story line, but had forgotten how funny it was, especially Richard Dreyfus's character, Elliot. The actor in this particular production was excellent and really made the whole show! What a character!!!

Now that the roads have been cleared, I am going to take a ride out to Junk Warehouse which is our local version of Ki and Sue's Junk Market . They always have some fun and interesting pieces to look at, as well as refreshments! One of my favorite garden centers is nearby, so think I will stop in there too. Even though it's the dead of winter here, they have a wonderful gift shop full of treasures and walking through the greenhouse amongst all the colorful flowers and plants makes my heart skip a beat with delight.

I hope you take time to do something fun today!


Dede Warren said...

enjoy your day Jeanne. I love the idea of a store like that and am sure we must have something like it here in Southern California.

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh it sounds so cold. Have fun shopping.

Lilli in Vancouver said...

Brrr! Don't let the cold get to you, Jeanne! We artists have sunshine in our hearts, don't we.

Cute projects. Candles and mobiles are such magical things :)

Now I'm wishing that I had joined the Valentine swap!

Just yesterday I was bemoaning the fact that my fave thrift store moved away (way too far away!). I'm not sure where to look for vintage stuff anymore! Gotta put my thinking cap on....

Stay warm ;)

Heather Simpson-Bluhm said...

I thought about you when I saw the news about all that snow last night. I am glad you are safe and not snowed in. So glad your heart arrived. Did you look under the tray? I hope you enjoy all the goodies. HUGS (warm ones) Heather said...

I've enjoyed seeing Winter Bella projects around the blogworld, very pretty!

LaurieStar said...

Hi Jeanne! I'm so glad we're swap partners or else I wouldn't have found your blog - I love it! :) Love that candle. Now I'm going to see your Etsy shop!

reinaswan said...

I love your pictures. Very cute. I wont tell you that it has been 75-80 degrees here in CA. :) Stay warm

dianna said...

Pretty things as always ma'am*!*

Sounds like that Junk Warehouse is a little piece of heaven...any photos?

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