Friday, September 26, 2008

Hello There!

How's everyone doing today? It is an absolutely beautiful day here in the midwest - Sunny and the temperatures are just below 80 degrees so I have a huge smile on my face :)

I made great progress (on schedule, I might add) on buying the dreaded "mother of the bride" dress this week. I have two of them here at home (and another one on it's way) for my daughter and DH to pass approval on. Of course if I don't like which one they choose, I reserve the perogative to have the final say so. I like all three of them, so I don't think it will be a huge problem.

I added the necklace shown above to my Etsy shop. I whipped up a couple of these this morning in an attempt to try and clear some of the clutter off of my diningroom table. I misplaced these pendants several times and when I finally found them peeking out underneath a pile of Halloween papers, I thought I'd better finish making them right then and there, get them listed and be done with it once and for all!

I've been meaning to show you this awesome collage I purchased from Lisa Kaus. As soon as I saw this one, I just knew it had to be mine! Can you guess why???? She has lots of other wonderful and whimsical collage hangings like this one which you can check out in her shop here. Oh and before I go, be sure to check back here in the next day or two for an EXCITING announcement COMING SOON!


Maija said...

LOVE the necklace! Great score on the special collage by Lisa!

Charmingdesigns said...

I don't know if you read back on my blog, but I got to take from Lisa K this summer at her! Shes awesome. I love what you purchased! Is it covered in beeswax? Laurie

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