Monday, September 15, 2008

Wet & Wild

The BellaWeen E-Zine starts today. It's not too late to sign up and join in on all the fun! I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of ghoulish treats Teresa has cooked up for us!
It's been a wet and wild couple of days around here, although nothing close to what was happening in Texas over the weekend. This photo was taken of the street in front of my friend's house, but our backyard looked quite similar to this. Our next door neighbor's back yard usually fills up with water from the creek everytime we have torrential rains, {They don't know it, but their lot was a swamp before the house was built two owners ago.} and when it's really bad the water overflows into our yard as well. Here in the Midwest we have been experiencing the remains of hurricane IKE as well as a storm coming off the Pacific all at the same time. Personally, our home was not effected since our house sits atop a slight hill. But roads have been washed out all over the place and basements have been flooding all over the area. {In times like this, I am grateful we don't have a basement} We drove to Home Depot to pick up some replacement drawer pulls for a project we are working on and everyone in the check-out lanes had sump pumps, downspouts and generators in their carts. Hopefully we will get some sunshine in the next couple of days to help dry everything out a little. If not, I am going to start crafting an ark!

Don't forget to sign up for my GIVEAWAY here, if you haven't done so already! I'll be picking the winners later in the week.


Karin said...

I remember growing up in Michigan the "basement flooding ordeal"....what a mess. glad you are safe and sound!

Recycled Rita said...

I love a good giveaway! Count me in! karen....

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