Friday, January 16, 2009

The Fun Starts Today!

Today is the official launch day for the Joli Paquet blog. Tiffany Kirchner starts us off with a darling pop-up card tutorial featuring the sneek peek shown above. We have lots of "lovey-dovey" ideas and kits lined up which I think you are going to absolutely fall in love with.

I just got over the 24 hour flu - yuk! That makes two times I have been sick since the start of 2009. Not a great way to begin a new year! I've decided to load myself up on vitamins and try to get more sleep at night. I have a habit of being a night owl, but then I am up at 6:00 am every morning. Not a good system at all, so something's going to have to give on one of those ends.

I've been having fun making Valentines for Natalea's Valentine ornament swap, which I have to pack up and mail out today. It is sooooooooo verrrrrrrry cold here (minus 16 degrees as I write this) that I am going to hate to have to leave my nice warm and toasty home to venture out to the post office. But since I am out I may just have to stop for a yummy hot cocoa here.


Lori said...

Tiffany's tutorial is adorable...your valentines look gorgeous Jeanne!!!

Little Pink Studio said...

Your Valentines look fabulous Jeanne!
Glad you're feeling better!
xo, Cerri

The Pink Door said...

your Valentines look charming!
Let me introduce myself- I'm Breezy come by and visit sometime..:)

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