Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Journaling Update

Journal Page from Art Journaling 102 class. Lots of layering - spray mists, acrylic paint, oil based pastels, masks, motifs, pen & ink, mono printing, collage, stenciling.

52Q - Week 10. Five movies which inspire me creatively. This was hard to narrow down to just five movies, but here's my list:

1. Marie Antoinette

2. Paris, Je t'aime

3. A River Runs Through It

4. Cold Mountain

5. The Da Vinci Code


Anonymous said...

Love love love your journal page! Really a fun class! I need to get caught back up!

Lori said...

what a great journal page...i love the repeat of the lady shape...very cool!!!

Anonymous said...

great journaling Jeanne! love that first page, and those are great movie choices too! xo natalea

PJ said...

I'm still here...LOVE your valentine tree! All your little things are just sooo lovely! Enjoying your little booklets!

Meikoningin said...

Ooh it looks lovely :) Really want to do more art-journaling myself, you just pushed my buttons to start again !!

Greetings :)

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