Monday, October 12, 2009

Journaling With Friends

I've been working on a journal collaborative with some talented and fun friends I met at ArtFiberfest out in Portland this summer. Cindy, Tammy, Juanita, Linda and I were "neighbors" in the dorm and spent most of time together laughing as we walked around the campus, ate meals together, attended workshops and just hung-out. In fact Tammy's laugh is so infectious I can still hear it now if I close my eyes and reminisce about that weekend! Love those fun memories! We dubbed ourselves the "Naughty Meadow Girls" (for reasons too complicated and crazy to go into here!) and made up a wild story to go along with that title which seemed to get funnier and juicer every time we added to it! It's hard to explain here but as Cindy says, "It's one of those ya had to be there things."
Anyway, we decided to stay in touch and continue our friendship (and silliness) by working on a journal round-robin collaborative together. We each created a journal, completed several pages and then sent it on to the next person to add their artistic touch.
These are a few pages from my journal which is now in Tammy's hands for her to work in. We'll be posting our pages periodically in our Flickr group here if you'd like to follow along with us.


Lori said...

since your post showed up in reader, i have been visiting the blogs of the girls you are journaling with...they are so are going to have one amazing piece of art coming home to you Jeanne...what a fun project!!!

Anonymous said...

Fun journals! I saw another one on one of your other gal pal's blogs. They are so neat! Amy :)

Alison Gibbs said...

Jeanne what a fabulous idea. I am off to Flikr to check them out and also look at the other girls blogs.
Love the pages you have shown

Shannon said...

Beautiful pages Jeanne!
Thanks for sharing!

icandy... said...

these are such beautiful pages!

Juanita said...

Oh, I can't wait to get my hands on your journal and study your pages! They are gorgeous! And to think that I have some in my very own journal, Joy!

natalea said...

these pages are just lovely! there's nothing better than collaborative journals! love them!
happy weekend, almost..xox natalea

Globetrotting Gamine said...

cool idea! i love your blog :)

Much Love,


Babsarella said...

What a fun journal. I love the great images and colors. So beautiful.

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