Monday, October 19, 2009

Signs of Fall

We went to the cottage for the weekend. I spotted many signs of autumn, like the entrance to this bed and breakfast.
Love the white pumpkins. . . they are my favorite.
The pumpkin display (ala Martha Stewart) in this restaurant fireplace was so clever, warm and inviting. (This photo taken with my cell phone doesn't do it justice.) After the pumpkins were carved, a hole was cut in the bottom to fit over individual candles.
These mums in front of our favorite breakfast spot are already starting to fade.
More store front decorations.
This street corner is always beautifully decorated for the different seasons.
Did you notice the flock of "crows" in the tree?


Lori said...

those are all wonderful...but the pumpkins in the fireplace is genius...i just love how that looks!!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous - all of it. I especially like the street corner garden.

Thanks for sharing - all the leaves have fallen here!


Diane Mars said...

Such beautiful displays of Fall, I would love to have Pumpkins covering my porch!

Shannon said...

What a beautiful B&B. Nice way to spend a weekend!

Secondhandrose said...

Such pretty decorations. I like the white pumpkins too.


Margaret said...

Wonderful photos, I love the pumpkin entrance and the fire place is just divine!

Cindy said...

gorgeous indeed! :D

yapping cat

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