Monday, December 07, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

I made some of these over the weekend. These are the white chocolate pretzels. I made milk chocolate ones too. I like both kinds. To me, chocolate is chocolate no matter what the color is.
I packaged them in these cellophane bags from Hobby Lobby.
Now this has nothing to do with Christmas, unless you use this as an ornament and come to think of it, it would be quite nice hanging on the tree I put in my studio. I found this plain white shabby-chic birdcage also at Hobby Lobby and I thought it might look cute all "frou-frou'd" up with tulle, ribbon and satin roses. So that is exactly what I did!
The birdcage goes quite nicely with my flea-market-find pink angel. . .
I guess I really should get back to work preparing for Christmas - I get so easily side-tracked!
Signature w/rose


Shannon said...

I love your pretzels! I tried to do some last week, and it was kind of a mess, but yummy anyway.

vivian said...

those pretzels look great. and love what you did with that little bird cage! have fun decorating!

caroline joy said...

That bird cage is just darling! And I am soooo coveting that glitter Eiffel Tower in the background! Where did you get that? Or did you make it?

Cindy said...

white choc and pretzels...what's not to love! And cute birdcage, I saw those too and thought they would be fun! You did a beautiful job!

yapping cat

Lori said...

mmm mmm mmm chocolate and pretzels...i may have to make that next...your bird cage looks really sweet all froufed up!!!

natalea said...

yummy pretzels!xo

Unknown said...

I love making chocolate pretzels! I wish we had a hobby lobby here! Your pink angel is fabulous! Thanks for the sweet congrats Jeanne :)

Sandy xox

Karin said...

Yum!! I want those pretzels!!

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