Thursday, February 04, 2010

Valentine Tag Swap Reveal

My friend, Natalea hosted a fun little swap a while back and I finally got around to photographing all of the tags I received. I have looked at them over and over again and I discover something new each time. Some of the gals have strung the tags on ribbon and create a Valentine garland, which I think is a great idea. Some have attached them to a string of pink or white lights - I really like that idea. And some of us still have their tags in book-form, which is how we received them in the mail.
1. Kathy Lowry
2. Kimberly Laws 3. Diana Ptaszynki
4. Beth Holcombe 5. Robin Kesner

6. Rachel Velder 7. Vivian Neroni
8. Jane Palmer 9. Natalea Kanderfer

10. Alisa Noble 11. Grace Palazzolo
12. Wanda Clark 13. Connie Senyitko

14. Kana Conger 15. Geralyn Gray
16. Wendy Robrecht 17. Tammy Lucik

18. Linda Hanes 19. Marion Ballog 20. ME!

If you have time, you have to check out the cute little tutorial
that Brandy has posted on the Joli Paquet blog.
Signature w/rose


Lori said...

Jeanne, those are all so pretty!!!

Terri Gordon said...

Wow, what a lovely collection of beautiful Valentine tags, you are a lucky lady.

Shannon said...

Those are so beautiful! Must have been fun to make!

Cindy said...

these are just adorable!!!!! you girls all did such a fantastic job. too cute!

yapping cat

kana said...

Ohhh, I do like the way you photographed the tags. They look great!

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