Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Design File: Update

All Photos by Anthropologie

Remember when I shared this post with you several days ago? I had been to Anthropologie and saw their beautiful window displays featuring these amazing water bottle blossoms. Well, this morning I received Anthro's monthly newsletter which shows how these blossoms were made.

Click on Photo Below to Enlarge
I think these flowers are amazing and so very simple to make, don't you? I'm going out to my recycling bin now and retrieving all the water bottles I tossed out this week! If you want to see more of Anthropologie's spring window displays click here.
Signature w/rose


Lori said...

how cool is that!!!

Little Pink Studio said...

OOoh, if you make some, will you let us see?
How fun!
I owe you an email Jeanne, I'm sorry, my week has been a little crazy.
Cerri xoxo

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