Friday, April 02, 2010

Spring Break

Happy Easter!
We no longer have children in school that are on Spring Break, but with everything that is going on here I decided to take my own spring break for a little bit just to recharge and regroup. Thanks to all of you who have been sending prayers our way (see previous post).
I am hoping that the tide will change soon and things will be bright again.
Signature w/rose


Karin said...

Hi Jeanne! Sending prayers and hugs your way. The blog looks great! I just noticed you're a .com now...fancy schmancy :) Talk to you soon! Karin

Lori said...

Hope you have a wonderful break! I spent almost two weeks in AZ on mine, wish I was still there!LOL Have fun, Lori

Margaret said...

All the best for a sunny positive Spring break!! 'Speak' to you soon Mx

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