Saturday, May 15, 2010

Flowers, Flowers, Everywhere!

We've received such beautiful flowers at the house since my DH came home from the hospital. The arrangement shown above is one example - a huge basket filled with exotic flowers in a gorgeous rich color palette. It's so wonderful to be surrounded by all the beauty of nature when you are recuperating. Thanks to all for your wonderful gifts of love and caring.
Signature w/rose


Scrap for Joy said...

Hi Jeanne~
I haven't been here for a while and so I've back-peddled to catch up on your posts. I hope your husband is getting stronger and healing and will be in tip-top shape soon.
When I read your last post I had to chuckle. I don't watch American Idol but I DID grow up in Mt. Prospect if they're talking about the one in Illinois! From 1954-1966.
I love your "girls" art piece!!! I have many images from Patty...I love her stuff. This piece you did is so appealing to me...very cute!
Hope all will be running smoothly for you soon.
Take care!

Alison Gibbs said...

Jeranne wishing your sweet DH a speddy recovery

Elyse said...

very pretty!

wishing DH a speedy recovery and sending you caffeinated thoughts & hugs!


Lori said...

those are gorgeous...i love the mix of colors...i hope your dh is doing well Jeanne!!!

paperbird said...

I love orange roses such a pretty image. Wishing a quick recovery for your DH.

Maija said...

I'm hoping your husband is recovering well.

Anonymous said...

I love your pictures very much.They are really nice.Wishing " get well soon " to your dear.Hope he will be fine very soon.
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