Thursday, September 02, 2010

I Couldn't Resist

Last weekend we got to spend some time with our adorable grand-dogs.
I just couldn't resist sharing these photos with you all.
We love when they come over for a visit.
We took them for a walk and then it was time to take a nap.
The sleepy head above is big brother Shooter.
And this little cutie is Hank, who will be 2 years old in just a few days!
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Natalie Pozniak said...

My Babies! Thanks again for watching them while I went grocery shopping.

Ann said...

Oh I can't resist them either - what lovely photos!

GardenOfDaisies said...

Oh your beagles are adorable!!! I love those dogs! And I have to tell you, I have a blue plaid checked couch too. :-)

Rebecca said...

Oh I love dogs. These two are precious! and I love their names :)

Suz said...

I love them! I will indulge you with pictures of the dogs any day! Beagles are wonderful...they speak. I swear my rescue Bischon has some Beagle!!!

Maija said...

OMG! They are so stinking cute!!! I have a mini beagle. Aren't beagles the best?!?!

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