Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This and That

I love how my new crop of flat leaf parsley is growing. The first batch, shown here with other herbs, didn't make it earlier this year so I'm giving it a second try. I hope I can keep this batch alive!
Yesterday I had a nice long telephone chat with a long time friend from my college days. So much has happened in both of our families this summer that it was nice to finally have time to catch up. We're planning to continue our conversation when we meet for breakfast later in the month.
This is what I've been working on this week. Sorry, but this is all I can show you for now. I'll be sure to share the final project when the time is right.
Signature w/rose


Shannon said...

Isn't parsley so fickle? Mine failed this year too. When I do get it going the trick seems to be to keep cutting it---it then comes back with more vigor.
Looking forward to seeing what you are working on!

vivian said...

hmmm.. would you be working on something for a certain halloween swap? I cant wait to see what everyone is making!
have a great night!

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