Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We're Halfway There...

A miracle has happened! Sweet Shooter has been found!!! I had to pinch myself when I heard the news. He was found chasing rabbits on the property where my daughter and her hubby were staying in Arkansas. I keep going back and reading the text-message my daughter sent me with the good news. All those prayers brought him back.Now we have to continue to pray and hope that this little guy isn't far behind. Hank usually follows his big brother everywhere he goes. At home they are inseparable.
So if you have a minute as you prepare for your holiday gathering, please say another prayer to help Hank find his way back to us. Help make this the best Thanksgiving ever for our family!
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vivian said...

OK.. the other one has to be nearby.. they would not have separated from each other. How far away are they? Are they going to wait another day or so to see if the other shows up before they go to get the one?
I'll keep praying!!!!!
I just cant stand to think of them lost.

GardenOfDaisies said...

I am so glad that one of the little fellows has found his way home!!! Hank can not be far behind. Or maybe Shooter would be able to lead you to him.

Anne said...

Offering up a double prayer - HOME HANK - for Thanksgiving!

Not surprised we were chasing up -wascally wabbits - gram. A tad concerned for the more inexperienced pup. Might try laying whatever Shooter slept on last night in the same location Shooter was found today.

Keep the faith!

{{ hugs }}

Terri Gordon said...

Oh Jeanne, This is wonderful news, I am so excited for your family! I am surprised that they were not together. I pray that the other shows up. Do you think they can use the one to track the other? They are such wonderful hunting dogs. I hope by tomorrow the other is found, what a wonderful Thanksgiving it would be. I will keep checking your blog. Hugs, Terri

kathy said...

oh joy -- one has been found--
still praying- kathy - ga

Suz said...

I am so happy! You have one Christmas miracle...now you need another! Praying for the little guy!
Big hugs,

neora chana said...

Yay! I'm sure Hank will show up; maybe Shooter could show you where he is?

Margaret said...

I'm soooo pleased, wonderul news, maybe they could take him back out on a lead and look for Hank, sending you lots of positive thoughts! Mx

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