Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Instagram Wednesday

1. Marie Claire Idees - Jan/Feb Issue
2. Paper Towel Art - Cynthia Shaffer via Somerset Apprentice
3. Baked Maple Cinnamon Donuts - Recipe here
4. Journal Page - Me

Signature w/rose


vivian said...

Hi Jeanne! I feel like Ive been a stranger here.. (ha, my hubby would say that I'm always stranger then everyone else! lol) anyways, I have been struggling to keep up with everyone. somedays I consider turning the computer off for good! but I only consider it for about a tenth of a second!
I hope all is well. spring is on its way.. and everyone should be happy soon! (I know a lot of miserable people.. who are waiting for warm weather and sunshine! most of the people at work!)
anyways.. have a great night.. I'm heading to pjs.. ice cream and american idol.

Margaret said...

Lots of my fav colours in this selcetion, those blues and browns are just fab! Mx

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