Monday, November 19, 2012

Making Yogurt

Did you ever think about making your own yogurt? If you're like me, it sounds way too complicated. And why bother with all that fuss since you can just buy it all ready made for you at the store? Well guess what? It's not that hard to make! And it's pretty easy too. 
 You don't need many ingredients - just 2% milk and a few tablespoons of plain yogurt - that's it! Honestly.
 You simply heat up the milk and mix in the yogurt.
Pour it into a jar, then wrap in a couple of towels to keep warm and let it sit on the counter for about 5 hours.
 And then - voila! You have yourself a quart of delicious homemade yogurt.
 You can eat it plain. Or you can stir in a spoonful of preserves.
Or have it the way I like it -  topped with some crunchy granola.
If you want to try making some fresh tasting yogurt for yourself, you can find the recipe I used here
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Margaret said...

Now this takes me back! we used to make this at home when I was a child, I remember some rather odd flavourings tho...
Your's looks so yummy! Mx

PJ said...

Wow! That looks like magic! I'm going to have to try it out!

Anonymous said...

Looks so delicious...and beautiful too. Thanks for sharing the easy-to-do recipe.

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