Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday is Pie Day!

The other day I was at HomeGoods and found a little cookbook called, "Mini Pies" for only $3.99. I couldn't resist buying it because I thought these bite size treats looked mighty tasty. 
If you can't find it at your HomeGoods store, Amazon has it for a couple dollars more here.

All the recipes are made in either a standard size or a mini muffin pan. I already had some Granny Smith apples in the fridge so I decided to give the "Caramelized Apple Tart" recipe a whirl.
 I never quite thought of myself as a pie baker, but these little pies were pretty easy to put together.
And oh boy, these were SO yummy!
I plan to keep these in the freezer and pull them out, one at a time, when I feel the need to have a little something sweet!
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kandeland said...

Perfect= Yummy + Cute! xo

traci said...

those look delicious. i am not a baker. plus i would eat everything i baked. no willpower here.

HI! I'm Tabitha said...

these look amazing ...i might need to buy that book

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